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The Village of Cooperstown established the Zoning Law in 1935.  This law implements the policies for land use in the Village which include:

  1. Preserve natural features and open space, vegetation, scenic attractions, and historic places and sites in order to maintain the community appearance and cultural heritage of the Village for residents and visitors alike;
  2. Provide protection of water bodies, lake and river shores, and control of future access to such shores by the public;
  3. Maintain the essentially residential quality of the Village;
  4. Provide public and quasi-public facilities that will serve the Village citizenry in the most beneficial manner;
  5. Provide suitable locations for commercial and other economic development that will protect the atmosphere and cultural heritage of the Village, serve the area adequately, and preserve the general welfare of the community;
  6. Preserve a safe, healthful and attractive environment for residential use, that provides housing opportunities for all Village residents;
  7. Provide public utilities and services to the community to insure a safe and healthful environment;
  8. Develop an efficient circulation and parking system that permits a reasonably rapid, safe, and convenient movement of people and goods within the Village and to and from surrounding areas.

The Village has three boards which operate independently each handling a different area of the Zoning Law.  The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) meets the first Tuesday of each month at 5 PM and generally reviews Zoning Permit applications for individuals who are requesting variances to specific portions of the Zoning Law.  This board also reviews applications for home occupations and short-term rental properties.

The Historic Preservation and Architectural Review Board (HPARB) meets on second Tuesday of each month at 5 PM and reviews Certificate of Appropriateness applications for proposed changes to the exterior of a property.  A property owner who plans to make any exterior change to a property, including but not limited to windows, siding, additions, gazebos, pergolas, etc.,  would apply to HPARB prior to beginning any work.

The Planning Board (PB) meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 4:30 PM and generally reviews Sign Permit applications and site plans.

Zoning Enforcement Officer (ZEO), If you have any questions relating to Zoning please contact Jane Gentile at 607-547-2411 or by email at  The Zoning Enforcement Officer will hold regular office hours Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., or by appointment.

Minutes are taken at each zoning board meeting.  We try diligently to complete the minutes in a timely fashion and will post them below as a pdf.  The minutes posted below are in draft form and are subject to change prior to acceptance from their respective board.  If you are in need of a particular set of minute they may be requested from the clerks office.

Tourist Accommodation Review Committee – next meeting  August 16, 2017 at 11:00 a.m.:

On May 22, 2017, the Village Board of Trustees enacted a local law placing a moratorium on new (not previously approved) Tourist Accommodations for a period of up to 9 months.

A review committee comprising members of the Village Board of Trustees, Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board, as well as the Zoning Enforcement Officer, Village Administrator and Village Attorney will meet every two weeks to review and make recommendations regarding a tourist accommodation law.  The first meeting held on June 8, 2017, resulted in the following agenda items:

  1. factual assessment of needs and existing problems – school enrollment, existing number of TAs, impact on value of housing
  2. define “owner,” primary residence, purpose/better description of residential quality
  3. where do permits adhere (person or property), length of permit in relation to Return on Investment
  4. special permit criteria – length of time for a granted permit, renting rooms vs. full houses, lot size, variance process, compatible with other zones, parking requirements, geographic locations of TAs
  5. licensing vs. permit – check legality
  6. possible solutions – number of TAs, 5 of TAs relative to entire village, type of use
  7. Noise ordinance – add clarity and detail
  8. TA laws in two different places in our law – need to consolidate, improve clarity of law and how any changes in the law hit the codification both on line and in print

Public Hearing Notices 




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Planning Board (PB) Minutes



PB 2017-04-18







PB 2016-06-21_rev

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PB 2016-04-19

PB 2016-03-15

PB 2016-01-19

PB 2015-12-15

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Historic Preservation & Architectural Review Board (HPARB) Minutes











HPARB 2016-08-23

HPARB 2016-07-12

HPARB 2016-06-14

2016-05-10 (draft)

HPARB 2016-04-12

HPARB 2016-03-08

HPARB 2016-02-09

HPARB 2016-02-04 (special)

HPARB 2016-01-12

HPARB 2015-12-08

HPARB 2015-11-10

HPARB 2015-10-13

HPARB 2015-09-08

HPARB 2015-08-11

HPARB 2015-07-31-Special Mtg

HPARB 2015-07-14

HPARB 2015-06-09

HPARB 2015-05-26-Special Mtg

HPARB 2015-05-12

HPARB 2015-04-14

HPARB 2015-03-10

HPARB 2015-02-10

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HPARB 2014-12-15

HPARB 2014-11-10

HPARB 2014-10-14

HPARB 2014-09-25

HPARB 2014-09-09

HPARB 2014-08-12

HPARB 2014-07-08

HPARB 2014-06-10

HPARB 2014-05-13

HPARB 2014-04-08

HPARB 2014-03-11

HPARB 2014-02-11

HPARB 2014-01-14



Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) Minutes


2017-05-08 ZBA


ZBA 2017_02-07




ZBA 2016-08-02

ZBA 2016-07-05

2016-05-13 final

ZBA 2016-04-05

ZBA 2016-02-02

ZBA 2015-11-03

ZBA 2015-10-06

ZBA 2015-07-07

ZBA 2015-06-02

ZBA 2015-05-05

ZBA 2015-04-07

ZBA 2015-03-03

ZBA 2015-01-06

ZBA 2014-12-02

ZBA 2014-11-04

ZBA 2014-09-09

ZBA 2014-08-05

ZBA 2014-06-03

ZBA 2014-05-06

ZBA 2014-04-01

ZBA 2014-03-04

ZBA 2014-02-04

ZBA 2014-01-07



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