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Compostable Waste, Brush & Leaf Pick-Up

What You Need to Know About the Pickup Procedures for Compostable Waste

  • Compostable yard waste and brush will be picked up separately during the growing season, on the last Thursday of each month, starting at 7 AM.
    • Be sure your compostable waste is at curb side no later than 7 AM, on the last Thursday of each month. We will travel each street once per month but should we not be able to reach the entire village in one day we will continue pickup on the following day.
    • There will be two pickups, one for soft green waste and a second for brush.
  • Place all soft compost-able green waste (lawn clippings, leaves, etc.) into easily dumped hard containers (garbage cans, large buckets, etc) or biodegradable bags.
    • Do not use plastic bags or other non-compostable one time use containers.
    • Do not assume we can lift containers that you cannot lift. If a container is too heavy to be lifted it will be left full at the curb.
  • Keep all limbs and tree wood separate from the smaller compost-able items.
    • Do not place brush in containers just place them on the tree lawn.
    • Root balls, stumps and large tree limbs will not be picked up, only materials which can be chipped in our small chipper.
  • Place materials to be picked up by the Village crew in the grass header between the curb and sidewalk.
    • Keep brush and soft green waste separate and in the appropriate containers.
    • Do not block sidewalks or fire hydrants.
  • Dispose of construction debris including processed wood through your garbage hauler or the transfer station.
  • Keep litter and other garbage out of composting materials.
  • For the final clean up in the fall and initial clean up in the spring, leaves and other soft green waste does not need to be bagged or placed in dump-able containers.
    • Leave soft green waste on the tree lawn and they will be picked up with the leaf vacuum.
    • Make sure there are no stone, bricks, tree branches, or other hard objects mixed into the soft green waste.

Leaf Pick Up

Last year, our leaf pickup was inadequate due to light staffing at the streets department and, unfortunately, a breakdown in our equipment towards the end of fall. The Village is committed to doing a better job for our residents and property owners this fall.  You can facilitate this process by following the following guidelines:

  • Leaves should be placed loose between the curb and sidewalk. You should not use plastic or paper bags or hard containers as we will pick them up using the leaf vacuum.
  • Place brush in a separate pile between the curb and sidewalk. Do not put brush in containers. Keep brush separated from leaves.  Root balls, stumps, and large tree limbs will not be picked up, as we can only take material that will go through our shredder.
  • Do not include non-compostable materials like plastic flower pots, construction debris, processed lumber, bricks, or stones with leaves or brush.
  • Do not place leaves or brush in the street where they can clog drains and lead to flooding.
  • Residents may also bring green waste (leaves, brush, grass clippings) at any time to the Village Street Garage on Linden Avenue and deposit it themselves in the appropriate area. Commercial dumping is prohibited.

Leaf pickup will be scheduled on four routes.  Both the website and the sign at the fire hall will be updated to indicate what route is upcoming.  Remember that pickup starts early, so please have everything out before 7 a.m.

Route 1: Linden Ave., Chestnut St., Main St, Averill Rd., Hill St., Beech St., Rock St., Spring St., Westridge Rd., Doubleday Parking Lot

Route 2: West Beaver St., Maple St., Glen Ave., Grove St., Railroad Ave., Leatherstocking St., Fair St. (Main-Otsego Lake), Lake St., Prospect Pl., Pine Blvd., Nelson Ave.

Route 3:  River St., Estli Ave., Mill St., Elk St., Fernleigh Dr., Brooklyn Ave., Lakeland Shores, and any remaining portions of Chestnut St. and Main St.

Route 4: Walnut St., Beaver St., Fair St. (Beaver-Church), Elm St., Church St., Delaware Ave., South Ave., Susquehanna Ave., Pioneer St., Eagle St., Cooper Ln.

If you have any questions please call Brian Clancy, DPW Superintendent at 607-547-2411.



Spring Green Waste Pickup to Begin – March 28, 2016

The Street Department will begin spring green waste pick up on Monday, March 28, 2016.  They will pickup waste, appropriately left in dump-able containers or biodegradable bags (see above), daily throughout the Village.  Daily pick up will continue through April 29.  The regular fourth Thursday/Friday, pick up of green waste will be held on on May 26 & 27, June 23 & 24, July 28 & 29, August 25 & 26, & September 22 & 23.



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