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 Village Parks – Badger Park Skating Rink is closed


You can find updates on the rink status under the “Play” drop down menu on the Village’s website ( or on the Facebook page of Friends of the Parks (Cooperstown Friends of the Parks).

We have tweaked the official Rink Schedule, so check it out below and keep in mind that Rink Advocates may be opening the warming hut and making the rink available to all skaters at other times as well.

When ice conditions prevail please remember:

  • The rink will not always be staffed by a skating rink attendant. In general, a Village attendant will be in place at times listed in the schedule below.
  • Use of the facility is at your own risk.
  • Helmets are required for anyone playing hockey and encouraged for all skaters; other protective gear is also recommended.
  • Hockey pucks are not to elevate off the ice.
  • Except for times specifically listed for Hockey, sticks and pucks are not permitted when there are any public skaters on the ice.

Here’s hoping for cooperative weather and a great skating season.




Use Time



Mixed Use 3 – 7 PM

Mixed Use


3 – 6 PM

6:30 – 9 PM



Mixed Use 3 – 7 PM

Mixed Use


3 – 6 PM

6:30 – 9 PM



Mixed Use 3 – 7 PM
Weekends & Holidays

Family Skate

Mixed Use


10 AM – 12 PM

12:30 – 6:30 PM


Mixed Use = 1/3 hockey & 2/3 family/open


Family = Family/Open Skate

Taking Action in the Parks

In April 2014 The Parks Board assembled an Opinion Survey for the Village’s six parks: Three Mile Point, Lakefront Park, Council Rock, Pioneer Park, Badger Park and Fairy Spring. The survey was available online on the Village’s website, included with the newsletter, Village Voices and available at the Village Office. We thank everyone who took the time to respond with thoughtful and very helpful suggestions.

Board members created an excel document of all the responses to the survey, as well as created a two page, Parks Survey Summary and Action Plan. A hard copy of that Summary is available in the Village Office, in the Village Library and on the Village’s website.

In general, respondents expressed great enjoyment of our municipal park system, with three predominant recommendations: continue overall maintenance and repairs, improve/construct additional boat docks and canoe/kayak racks and remedy Lakefront Park drainage.

Along with action steps for each individual park, the above recommendations will be the focus of the Parks Board. Improvements are already underway at Lakefront Park including complete re-pointing of the bandstand, installing a new railing on the three flights of steps, and building a vertical storage rack for canoes and kayaks. In addition, the drainage near the buffer strip and Fish Road will be addressed with a French drain and most exciting of all, funding is in place in the 2015-16 Village budget to replace the first of our two boat docks. The boat dock construction is slated for spring 2016. We hope you will use and enjoy your parks this summer!

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