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Doubleday Field

Many people recognize Cooperstown as the Home of Baseball.  We welcome thousands of visitors to the Village each year to tour the National Baseball Hall of Fame and enjoy and/or partake in a game at Abner Doubleday Field.

Apart from several sandlot games with youth, the first significant competitive game played at Doubleday Field between adult teams occurred on September 6, 1920 as part of a Street Fair celebration sponsored by the Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce intended to raise additional funds to purchase the property from the Phinney family.  A Cooperstown team played the Cuban Giants, winning the game, 9-8.  There is a box score and newspaper account of the occasion.

The use of the field has changed significantly over time.  It once hosted Cooperstown Central School’s football team and continues to be the site of most of the High School’s baseball games.  Doubleday field has been the site of the National Baseball Hall of Fame game, bringing major league teams to Cooperstown to play and now hosts the National Baseball Hall of Fame Classic game bring major league alumni to play a game on Memorial Day weekend.

You too can partake in the spirit of the game and play baseball on Doubleday Field.  Each year hundreds of teams choose to visit the village in uniform and take it to the field.  The field is available to rent from approximately mid-April through Columbus Day weekend in October, depending on weather and field conditions.  We offer three games per day, 10 AM, 1:30 PM &  5 PM most of the spring and summer season with two games per day (10 AM & 1:30 PM) from mid-September through Columbus Day weekend.  Rental of the field for a baseball or softball game ranges in price between $400 and $550 per game.

The application process for the upcoming summer season begins the fall prior and continues throughout the season as space permits.  Organizations who are interested in hosting a tournament (6 or more games on two or more consecutive days) may apply beginning in early October.  Applications become available for hosting individual games on or around November 15.  If you would like to be placed in our data base to received your application by mail please email your name and mailing address to    You can also find a downloadable application, on or after November 15 and availability list below.  All applications/game request must be received by mail.  We will not accept applications by fax, e-mail or phone.

Games are scheduled on a first-come-first serve basis, as applications are received in the Village Clerk’s Office.  Field availability changes frequently.  We will try to update the availability list, weekly during the beginning of the scheduling process, and monthly beginning in February or as time permits.  If you have specific questions regarding the application process or use of the field please direct them to Jennifer Truax, Deputy Clerk, at

Okay, so you are not able to get a team together to play on the field you can still enjoy the field.  Check out a game, most of which are free to the public.  We post the field schedule monthly right here on our website.


2015 Season – Application Process

The 2015 applications are now available and we have begun scheduling for the 2015 season. Below you will find both the application and the must up to date availability list.

Please be aware that availability can change daily.  We will attempt to update the availability list weekly beginning in mid-December.  If you have specific questions other that “is this date still available” please feel free to contact Jennifer Truax, Deputy Clerk at, she will be able to assist you with general information regarding the application and scheduling process.  Confirmation letters will begin being mailed in January.

We ask that you remember that this is a small office with only one staff member handling Doubleday Field scheduling along with many other duties.  Contact by interested parties to confirm receipt of applications, check on date availability and other inquires only hinder the timely processing of applications.  If there is a problem with your application or we are unable to provide you with one of your requested dates we will contact you.  Thank you for your support of Doubleday Field as well as your cooperation and patience as we work to fill all use requests.


2015 Season Start may be Delayed

Due to this winter weather and the lasting cold and snow, the Village may have to postpone the start of the 2015 playing season.  As of March 30 the field is still entirely coated with a good layer of snow.  We had a fresh inch of snow last night and although the weather is slowly warming, our field staff will need at least one week to prepare the field once all of the snow has melted.  Although the field has good drainage, the ground is saturated and until the snow is completely gone and our staff has had time to assess the field condition we are not able to provide a definate starting date.  We will update the website as more information becomes available.


Opening Date Still in Question

Even with warm weather this week as of April 3, 2015 there is still snow on the field.  With cold and snowy conditions expected for the weekend the official opening date of the field is still in question.

Doubleday Field conditions as of April 3, 2015       Doubleday Field conditions as of April 3, 2015 (first base line)

Field Will Not Open for Early April Games

Although the field shows more green than white at this time weather conditions are not favorable for opening the field.  Doubleday field will not open for initial games scheduled for early April.  All games scheduled before, Tuesday, April 14th have been canceled.  Quinton Hasak, field manager, will evaluate the field daily and any further delays in opening will be posted as soon as they are available.


Opening Day Delayed Again

As of Thursday, April 9, 2015 the field is still too wet to begin preparations for the 2015 season.  If the weather cooperates we hope to be able to open by April 17th.

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